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About Our Firm

Vollebregt Law is an independent boutique law firm delivering highly personalized legal services to individuals, businesses, governments, and institutional clients. Based in Aliso Viejo, Vollebregt Law provides counsel and representation in a variety of areas, including real estate, municipal and public law, litigation, and government affairs. Jake Vollebregt is the firm's founder and managing counsel.

Real Estate

Vollebregt Law handles a wide variety of real estate transactions and disputes. Our experience includes a variety of projects, including property acquisitions and dispositions, land development and reuse, CC&Rs, financing, public-private partnerships and joint ventures, tax issues, restructuring, and leasing transactions for individuals, trusts, family offices, governments, and institutions. Vollebregt Law has experience in representing developers and cities in market-rate, affordable, tax-exempt, and senior multi-family housing transactions, including negotiating and documenting land acquisition agreements.

The firm has experience monitoring land use compliance and related entitlement issues; negotiating and documenting equity financing arrangements including formation of related entities; negotiating and documenting construction financing; negotiating development agreements, construction contracts and property management agreements; responding to property management and other operational issues; and negotiating and documenting listing agreements and purchase and sale agreements for the disposition of completed projects.

Municipal and Public Law

Drawing from more than a decade of public agency and government experience, Vollebregt Law assists cities and other public agencies in law and policy issues. These issues have ranged from planning, land use, and development decisions to ethics, campaign finance, and intergovernmental/interagency relations, among others.

Jake Vollebregt's public law experience includes alcohol licensing, conditional use permits, contracts and procurement, development agreements, easements and dedications, fees, public-private partnerships, telecommunications carrier franchising, licensing, and leasing, rights-of-way, and subdivisions. Jake has also advised on due diligence and application processing for land use approvals, including general plan amendments, specific plan amendments, and zoning amendments. Jake Vollebregt is accustomed to working closely with environmental counsel and outside consultants to ensure compliance with CEQA and NEPA.


Jake Vollebregt has prosecuted multiple jury trials and administrative proceedings to a final decision. He started his career representing the U.S. Government as trial counsel in courts-martial and has litigated on behalf of cities in criminal and civil court. As a judge advocate and government attorney, he has also represented the government in administrative hearings. Vollebregt Law has represented private real property owners in various contractual and real property disputes, as well as legal challenges to government overreach. We advise clients on various factors and risks inherent to litigation and other adversarial proceedings, including the opponent's resources, potential expenses, demands on management and decisionmaking, evidentiary problems, implications to strategic relationships, public perception, settlement opportunities, types of relief available, and risks related to post-judgment enforcement and appeals.

Government Affairs

Vollebregt Law maintains relationships with government and business leaders at every level, developed from Jake Vollebregt's experience working full time in various executive, military, legislative, and judicial departments. He has been involved in major infrastructure projects, entitlements and permitting for local developments, crisis management, and policy change. Jake Vollebregt routinely integrates with existing client organizations and teams to ensure an efficient, coordinated approach that achieves their goals and objectives. We assist in building coalitions, identifying and organizing champions and detractors into an effective organization to effect change.

In all matters, we follow an integrated planning process, starting with policy research and problem framing to formulate well-defined goals and realistic outcomes. Jake Vollebregt works with clients to manage well-reasoned operational and strategic decisionmaking. In routine matters or in crisis management, Vollebregt Law is mindful of the need to balance mitigating risks and costs while seizing opportunities to flip the script toward a new paradigm.

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